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Clock Sparrer

November 16, 2009

What time is it? Is it 4:07 or ‘just after four’? Now there’s a clock that tells you the time the way you might tell it to someone else. Cut out the middleman. It frees up entire milliseconds of your time and whatever is smaller than kilobytes in your brain to devote to looking at hot new Tumblr blogs. Fancy that! Also, want! Although since this is the sort of thing you can only buy if you are not also the sort of person who covers every available surface with bric a brac, there is a practical reason I can’t have it. But anyway.

Sander Mulder’s clock rolls around on your desk like it’s Saturday afternoon. It’s not quite ‘stoner houseguest’, at which point it would answer a question with a question. What time is it? I dunno, like, two? No, asshole, it’s six, and you’ve been asleep all afternoon, and it’s too late to go job-hunting like you promised. Sorry, dude, my bad. Such a clock would be less than useful when it came to telling the time, but it would be great at, uh, winding you up.

Sander Mulder: About Time

In case that’s not awesome enough for you, check out another one of Mulder’s clocks, called ‘Continue Time’.

And if that’s still not awesome enough for you, maybe you should go do some drugs. Just stay off my couch.

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