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Calling all Victory-Hungry, Glory-Seeking, Naughty-Behaving Attention Whores!

November 12, 2009

Do you have poor table manners? Do you like to shout at people, especially when you are wrong? Do you want to be good, but want to win more? Are you prone to cursing in the company of the delicate? When you lack the required information to answer a question, do you answer, “That’s what she said last night”? Does the inside of your brain sound like a combination of Liveline and a circus that had too much medicine? Do you think what I just said there is something of a tautology? Are you downright awful in an awfully delightful way?

Did you answer “YES” or “YOUR MA” to all or most of those?

Are you on Fox News?

Did you answer “NO” to the above?

Good! (If you answered yes, please click here.)

If we’re all ready, you can click here:

You are cordially invited to mess yourself and others up real bad. If you can’t make the event itself, you can listen to the stories under ‘media’, and eventually, you’ll be able to do and read and see and hear and shudder because of other stuff.


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