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Academic Freebies

November 11, 2009

For November and December, online content at AnthroSource can all be read for free!

Get stuck in. I’ve already bookmarked a whole bunch of it. Want more.

I understand that journals have operating costs and so can’t be free all the time, but (at least in Ireland), it’s difficult to access academic libraries unless you’re on staff or enrolled somewhere as a student, which is something I only found out after I left academia. So you can’t walk in and browse JSTOR in a university library because you can’t get through the door in the first place.

The more of a global reach people’s ideas have, the more barriers seem to spring up, too. Bummer. Not that it was necessarily easy to find a lot of the obscure journals before they went online, the ones I wouldn’t know about and therefore wouldn’t realise I couldn’t access, but still. I just wish it were easier for non-scholars to get our hands on scholarly articles without paying through the nose.

But I’m not going to waste time complaining, when there’s archive-burrowing to be done.

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