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Radioactive Man

June 12, 2009

Here’s another segment from Skint City, recorded at Ye Olde Hurdy Gurdy Museum of Vintage Radio in the Howth Martello Tower. If you click on the photos, there’s a flash slideshow that includes the parrot speakers he talks about in the segment. The intro and outro song is Moonlight In Mayo played on a gramophone, of which I’m not a little envious. When I have a proper house and space for a dog, I will have a gramophone and a really cool stereoscope with a big pile of cards, although in all likelihood, I will still spend much of my time yelling at minor celebrities on my television.

The radio museum. I am relentless and annoying in my zeal for this place, but it is indisputably the best museum I’ve been to in Ireland, and if I say much more about it, you’ll only think they’re paying me, which they’re not, or that I’ve taken some pills thinking they were candy, which I haven’t because I’m pretty sure that was actually candy.

There’s some dead air at the end, which I need to go back and take out, but it’s Friday and it’s supposed to rain all weekend, and I will hear no bitching about how there’s nothing to do in this town except go to the pub.

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